Jessica & Cat Jessica is the Manager of Nevada Nails & Spa. See the beautiful lady smiling; she has been going to see Jessica for years now, they have become very very good friends over the many years. Jessica is very good at what she dos; she can design by picture or freestyle something on the spot.

Look at the fun all the girls in your family can have at our nail shop. It’s all about girl time and getting your nails pretty as a family is even more fun. Mother, Daughter, Grand Daughter. Girl’s day to spoil each other, very cool.

When we bought Nevada nails & Spa we wanted this nail shop to be special. We wanted the people coming here to relax and enjoy the beauty around them. The thing is that we found out that the shop is only walls & nail polish. The people that came in to our lives are the real beauty in our shop.

Our customers are loyal to us because they are our family & friends we love all our customers. The smiles tell the story and we want everyone to have a big smiley day. She is beautiful, and our shop is only as beautiful as the smiles on the faces that come & go in our lives work.